Your Roof’s Winter Rant List

Winter always seems to have a love/hate relationship with people in the Kentuckiana area. The excitement of the first snow and the beauty of fresh fallen snow in general, seems to get over powered a few days later with complaining about how dirty and ugly snow looks after it has stuck around for a few […]

Commercial Roofing

Here at HKC, we not only specialize in home roofing but also commercial roofing for your business. When roofing for commercial purposes, things tend to be a bit more complicated then home roofing just because there are so many different options to choose from. Options for roofing material that we specialize in are flat roofing, […]

Don’t Fall This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to take care of your home. The temperature has dropped a bit, the scenery is gorgeous and there is still ample time to prepare your roof and gutters for winter. Taking care of a few details on your home can make a huge difference for you and your family. At […]

Leaky Roofs Common Signs and Causes

Having a roof over your head is something that many of us take for granted. The health of your roof is rarely considered, until of course it springs a leak. While the problem may seem to be a minor inconvenience – just a few drops of water here and there – in reality, you may […]

Hiring a Roofer? Do the Research!

Installing a new roof is a major investment, and to make sure the job gets done right you need to find a quality contractor. Just because a contractor claims they can do the work quickly and cheaply doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. When looking for the right roofing contractor, a few questions and a […]

Cool Roofs Are Good for the Environment and Your Wallet

During the peak summer months, traditional American roofs can reach temperatures of between 150F and 185F. Having a hot roof means you are throwing money away trying to keep your home cool. Below, we’ll take a look at why having a traditional roof is inefficient during hot weather, as well as simple solutions that will […]

Summer: Keep Cool Air In, Hot Air Out!

Your home’s windows are an important element in keeping the heat out and the cool air in. HKC offers energy efficient options. If you haven’t already considered replacing your windows, it may be time. Windows are one of the thinnest parts of your home and you want to make sure they’re well equipped for high […]