Summer: Keep Cool Air In, Hot Air Out!

Your home’s windows are an important element in keeping the heat out and the cool air in. HKC offers energy efficient options. If you haven’t already considered replacing your windows, it may be time. Windows are one of the thinnest parts of your home and you want to make sure they’re well equipped for high temperatures.

The warm weather is already here. As summer officially approaches it is important to have your roof flashing, caulked, and shingles inspected in order to prepare for summer storms. Check for continuity of shingles on the panes of the roof and on the ridges. The areas with flashing should be tight and sealed with some type of approved roofing sealant.

Inspect the caulking around windows, doors, and any openings into your home. Many times during the cold season windows and doors will slightly separate from the frame. This can be remedied with an application of external silicone caulking or sealant. Clear silicone may be used to seal under door thresholds and stained wooden frames.

Check insulation around doors and windows. Make sure that your doors and windows are properly insulated to keep the warm air out. For doors, you want to make sure that the weather stripping is in tact and providing a good seal around the door. For windows you want to check the seals around the windows and make sure there is no cracking, splitting, or peeling of the seals.