Protect Your Investment

A healthy roof consists of many parts. With Certainteed’s Limited Warranty, every component – including installation – of your Certainteed Roofing System is covered by an extended warranty. It’s a smart way to ensure your investment is protected for years to come.

Maximize Your Coverage

Increase the non-prorated coverage – Standard warranties have a very limited non-prorated period where there is 100% coverage for both material defects and the labor to repair or replace them. This usually occurs in the first few years after installation. The Platinum Promise Limited Warranty provides a significantly extended non-prorated period of up to 50 years in some cases.

Up to 25 years of workmanship protection – With the Platinum Promise Limited Warranty, Certainteed stands behind the workmanship of our Platinum Preferred Contractors. If your roof is found to have an application error, we will arrange to have it repaired. Labor, materials, tear-off, and disposal are all covered.

The Performance of a Roofing System

All Owens Corning system components are covered – Since a complete Certainteed Roofing System is required for the Platinum Promise Limited Warranty coverage, individual components take on the warranty of the shingles installed on the field of the roof. In many cases, this extends their warranty.

Protection From Wind

Up to 15 years of extended wind resistance – After sealing and with proper installation, if your shingles are blown off or damaged by wind, we will reimburse you for the reasonable cost of replacing them.

Transfer in Full

One-time transfer – You can transfer this warranty once anytime during the life of the warranty. With no reduced transfer coverage, the Platinum Promise Limited Warranty is highly desirable to future home buyers. It’s a good investment if you are planning to sell.

Shingle NameWarranty LengthWindWind Warranty LengthPlatinum Promise Tru Protection Non Prorated PeriodWorkmanship
DurationLifetime130 MPG15 Years50 Years25 Years
Duration PremiumLifetime130 MPG15 Years50 Years25 Years
Oakridge 6-NailLifetime130 MPG15 Years50 Years25 Years
BerkshareLifetime130 MPG15 Years50 Years25 Years