Shopping for Windows

Since Autumn means a Shift in weather it is the perfect time to make home improvements that will keep your home safe and more energy efficient for the colder months ahead and summers to come.

Maybe you have noticed your home seems a bit drafty, you’ve noticed your energy bills increasing over time?

Windows can dramatically change the appearance and insulation of your home. With the right window, you can transform a room and seal out harsh winds, snow, and rain. If your current windows seem outdated, damaged, cracked or broken and you’re looking to improve their quality & performance, a fall window replacement should be on your to-do list!

Some important things to keep in mind and questions to ask companies/contractors while shopping around;

  1. Do you charge for an estimate?There are many reputable companies that provide a free estimate, it is in my opinion that you should not have to pay for an estimate.
  2. How long have you been in the construction business, and do you carry insurance? Getting the full name lets a homeowner search for them on the Internet. Reviews and testimonials for their services can be found online. Asking if they are insured may be one of the most important question to ask a potential window contractor. Contractors that follow safety guidelines are more trusted.
  3. Is there a specific window type or brand you use or recommend? Why?This information is extremely important, the more you know about the window and what it can offer you the easier it will be to find the right one for your home. In addition, it is an investment, you pay for what you get. Knowing the product gives you an advantage to do some digging.
  4. Are you rated through NFRC & do you carry the EnergyStar label? This means MORE savings on utility bills, elimination of drafts, resistance to condensation & you are helping our environment by reducing the burning of fossil fuels! In addition, the product has been through a series of standardized-government testing.
  5. What is the R-Value, U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient specs for the windows offered?Understanding these terms will enable you to make good decisions for your home.
  6. What type of warranty do you offer on your installation? (In addition to the warranty on the windows.)The length of the warranty is not as important as their ability to stand behind the warranty itself. If a contractor is confident about the warranty, then he or she knows that the work they do is of high quality. Those who give short term warranty should generally be avoided. This is because there is a chance that they provide low quality work that will not last very long.

Replacing windows is a purchase you will only have to make once or twice in your lifetime. Do your research to find out why some features and glass options cost more than others. Take your time to weigh the long-term benefits against the short-term investment. When in doubt, focus on the long-term value over the price tag. Don’t worry about sounding distrustful, or offending them. If they’re reputable, they’ll not only expect the questions, but be eager to answer them. Most contractors don’t just want your business; they want to be your choice because they were truly the best candidate. They also want your repeat business, and your referral.