Roof Construction Safety: What You Need to Know

When tackling any sort of construction work, safety should be priority number one. People will unknowingly put themselves in dangerous situations by skipping vital safety precautions. Working on a roof can be especially hazardous, so let’s look at some of the steps you can take to do the job safely. Organize Your Work Area Make […]

Repair Options for a Shingled Roof

The storm winds were blowing and the shingles were flying. Or maybe that giant oak-tree in your neighbor’s yard decided to shed a heavy branch directly over your living room. There’s no avoiding it, you are faced with the decision of whether to patch or replace your damaged shingled roof. Making such a big financial […]

4 Different Types of Roofs For Your Home

There are many different types of roofs and knowing which one is the right one for your house boils down to research, research, research. So do your research and make sure you purchase the right one for your home. Asphalt Composite Shingles There are two types of Asphalt Composite roofs. They are organic and fiberglass. […]

New Technology In Roofing Construction

Make no mistake about it: The roofing construction industry is very much in the mode of embracing new technologies. Anything that can drive down costs for everyone involved, generate more options for their customers, and give them the ever-attractive dedication to green technology is going to be appealing to roofing companies. There are a number […]

Choosing a Good Roofing Contractor

Having to replace or repair a roof isn’t something that many look forward to, but it is a fact of life that roofs that protect the interiors of our homes from the elements, get their fair share of punishment. So, sooner or later, your roof is either going to need repair or in the worst […]