The Dripping in Your Gutters

You’re laying in bed and it’s raining outside. It’s not raining too hard, but the downspout is making an agonizing dripping sound. We’re sure this is something many people have experienced. This problem occurs when new gutters are installed in the fall. After the gutters go through their first winter they tend to have some small clogging issues, because of the customization of the gutter system. Most often, happening when squared downspouts are used. The water gets rushed to the downspout leaving little room for the water to go out all at once so the dripping sound occurs. This problem can be fixed without a huge amount of worry by moving the downspout slightly to eliminate the dripping noise. To do this you will move the straps that hold the downspout into place, remove the bottom strap first and move the downspout about a half inch to the right or left, whichever you prefer. Putting the downspout at an angle will stop the falling water from hitting the elbow of the downspout harshly – making that annoying dripping noise. Now you can rest easy with this easy fix!  As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us here at HKC Roofing.

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