Standing Seam


Structural Standing Seam Panels

Structural Standing Seam Panels have side laps between the metal roofing panels that are arranged in a vertical position above the roof line. The metal roof panel system is secured to the roof substructure by means of concealed hold down clips attached with screws to the substructure, except that through fasteners may be used at limited locations such as at the ends of panels and at roof penetrations.

Architectural Panels

Architectural Panels have a primary purpose of aesthetic enhancement of a building or structure. They are installed over solid substrates at a slope greater than or equal to 3:12. Most panels have details that are designed to conceal the fasteners so that your metal roof will have a clean appearance.

Commercial/Industrial Panels

Commercial/Industrial Panels are all about performance on a large scale. Most of these panels tend to be deeper and thicker than other panels to span longer distances and resisting greater loads.