10 Coolest Roof Designs

1) Pool Roof

If we are being honest, I think that we can all agree that we want a pool for a roof. However, this concrete home may boast a bit too much of a good thing. This astounding home is carved into a cliff that overlooks the Aegean Sea. The massive underground structure also features a roof-mounted pool that also doubles as a translucent ceiling. That is a view that you will not soon forget!



2) Landscape Roof

This home is so well-integrated into its surroundings that the landscape is literally a part of the home. These 700-year-old hobbit-like structures in Iran look are cool in more ways than one. The underground homes are able to maintain a year-round cool temperature thanks to their concrete and earthen interiors and natural green roofs. Additionally, the home’s earthen blanket protects the structures from rain, wind, and other inclement weather.



3) A Living Roof

Green roofs are popping up more and more. However, that does not make them any less amazing! Green roofs are able to offset runoff by soaking up water and are great for the environment. The best part is, they are feasible for many homeowners!




4) Rolled Steam Wooden Shingles

A cottage with this much style is sure to turn a few heads.

Steam bent wooden shingles can be laid in a wave pattern and rolled to achieve some amazing effects.



5) Ribbon Roof

Located in the outskirts of Perth, Australia this amazing ribbon roof overlooks a circular body of water. The stunning roof was created as a way to add more light to a small space. Although, this modern roof may not be for everyone, it is a wonderful example of how architects are able to push the limits of imagination and design.



6) Freeform Metal Roof

Located in Alva Spain, the freeform metal roof of the Hotel Marqués de Riscal challenges the image of what a Spanish winery region may look like. Designed by famed architect Frank O. Gehry, the structure is one of the most amazing free-form roofs in existence.



7) Traditional Tongkonan Homes

Tongkonan homes are the traditional ancestral houses of the Torajan people. Located in in Sulawesi, Indonesia, these Tongkonan houses boast an amazing boat-shaped roof. These impressive structures are fashioned from bamboo and other natural materials, and are created with family living in mind.



8) Seascape Roof

This is by far, one of the most interesting roofs in the world. The top of structure seems to be telling the story of an underground sea battle or is perhaps an elaborate ode to the octopus. Either way, this roof is amazing!



9) Upside Down Home

This upside down home was designed Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish businessman. Czapiewski envisioned a home that would make a statement. The home was built in just 114 days and is located in the small Polish village of Szymbark.



10) Fibonacci Inspired Roof

The Fibonacci sequence is seen in many of the most amazingly beautiful natural structures. With this in mind, the Roof of the Core at the Eden Project in Cornwall was designed to reflect this universal pattern. The spiralling cone of granite created into an inspirational hub and is at the center of this curious design.