Here at HKC our windows are custom built, so there is less installation work. HKC believes in exceptional engineering & expert technology-that’s why all of the windows we offer have what’s called the “Super spacer system,” which provides protection against extreme weather conditions & dramatically reduces condensation by providing these benefits.

  • 100% Polymer Foam insulating spacer
  • *Humidity must reach 50% before condensation forms compared to 15% with a conventional metal spacer.
  • Made with Thermostat Spacer Technology.
  • Spacer will expand and contract but will always maintain its structural integrity.
  • Safely keeps out temperature changes, UV rays, barometric pressure, and even the howling wind.
  • Insulated glass blocks out harmful UV Rays and protects against noise and heat.

HKC windows will not only help you save on your heating and cooling costs but also natural resources. Our windows have taken and passed standardized and government-regulated tests that prove we are energy efficient.


We are rated through NFRC & carry the EnergyStar label, so what does this mean? Our products are 40% more efficient than most other products. This means MORE savings on utility bills, elimination of drafts, *resistance to condensation & you are helping our environment by reducing the burning of fossil fuels!

Soft Coat Low “E” (Low-emissivity)

This means Argon or Krypton gas (a thin metallic coating) is added to create a magnificent energy efficient window aiding in reflecting heat back to its original source, helping to keep the heat inside your home come winter and out of it in the summer. Low-E coatings also block UV rays while allowing 95 percent of natural light to pass through preserving objects, furniture, carpet etc. from harmful UV rays-think of that wonderful antique your Aunt Betty left you-NO MORE marks of dis-coloration or fading due to the Sun.

Triple Pane

This is a special order window produced using 3 panes of glass, its purpose is to increase insulation protection, reduce heat transfer and abate noise. PERFECT for anyone whom lives in the city, near railroads, production plants etc. also Ideal for homes that are exposed to mass amounts of sun.

HKC offers several different window choices; double hung, slider windows, casement, awning & hopper,
As well as picture windows. These windows are offered in 6 standard colors and options & 16 standard exterior colors-plus custom color matching. We also offer Solarban 70XL.

Here at HKC we also offer Solarban 70XL (SB70XL). This is the ultimate solar protection!

This is the ultimate solar controlled glass on the market, it is the industry’s first triple silver low-e coating and is the most advanced low-e coating available. SB70XL blocks nearly ¾ of the sun’s heat energy while allowing more than 60% of daylight to pass through. This is what helps to cut summer utility costs and absolutely protects furniture, carpet etc. from fading.

A window’s R-value measures its resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the window.

A U-factor is the rate of heat transfer from inside to outside of your home. The lower the number, the more efficient the window.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much heat your home gains from the sun. The lower the SHGC, the less heat is gained.

Standard Clear Insulating Glass
R-Value of 2.22 (Argon) & 2.08 (Air)
U-Factor of 59%
SHGC .77

SB70XL (2) Insulating Glass has a R-Value of 4.17 (Argon) & 3.45 (Air)
R-Value of 4.17 (Argon) & 3.45 (Air)
U-Factor of 6%
SHGC .27


Our limited lifetime warranty covers glass breakage for LIFE! We also offer a transferable warranty-a big plus if you are selling your home. Rest assured that you or the future owner will not ever have to stand on a ladder to paint due to the craftsmanship. We have it written in the warranty that the extrusions will not chip, blister, delaminate, peel or crack.