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Better Than Guaranteed Roofing in Louisville & Lexington

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll pay a competitor to install a new roof. The FIRST and ONLY roofing company we know of with a guarantee of this kind! Based on feedback from local clients we heard that many roofing contractors make promises, but few truly stand behind their work. We decided to demonstrate our commitment by guaranteeing your satisfaction like no other company has before. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of the roof we installed, we will even pay a competitor to install a new one for you! Call us today for a FREE Digital Roof Analysis.

Welcome to HKC Roofing and Construction, Louisville and Lexington’s trusted roofer. We are the source for roofing products and services. We serve the Greater Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky areas with roofing repairs as well as new installations for residential and commercial projects. We are your source for a wide selection of roofing products, including metal roofing.

In addition to being Louisville and Lexington’s roofer, HKC Roofing and Construction is also the expert source for home improvement products and services including sidingwindows & doorsgutters, and insulation.

Do you need help with a roofing issue or a roofing replacement project? Looking for a reputable, professional source for home improvement work? Call the Louisville and Lexington roofers – HKC Roofing and Construction. We’ll provide you with excellent products and unsurpassed service at a price you can afford.

Roofing News

  • Protect Your Roof from Sun Heat

    Summer heat and humidity have arrived in full force here in Kentucky. The sun and scorching heat do your roof no favors. While you’re able to cool off in air conditioning or take a quick dip in the pool your roof isn’t so lucky. Those scorching UV’s can cause extensive damage to the material composition of your roof. Because of this it’s important to have regular inspections to your roof to ensure it’s in the best condition, and why not? Most roofing companies offer a free estimate. The summer heat causes roof deterioration, leading to leaks and other roof issues….

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  • Shopping for Windows

    Since Autumn means a Shift in weather it is the perfect time to make home improvements that will keep your home safe and more energy efficient for the colder months ahead and summers to come. Maybe you have noticed your home seems a bit drafty, you’ve noticed your energy bills increasing over time? Windows can dramatically change the appearance and insulation of your home. With the right window, you can transform a room and seal out harsh winds, snow, and rain. If your current windows seem outdated, damaged, cracked or broken and you’re looking to improve their quality & performance,…

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  • The Dripping in Your Gutters

    You’re laying in bed and it’s raining outside. It’s not raining too hard, but the downspout is making an agonizing dripping sound. We’re sure this is something many people have experienced. This problem occurs when new gutters are installed in the fall. After the gutters go through their first winter they tend to have some small clogging issues, because of the customization of the gutter system. Most often, happening when squared downspouts are used. The water gets rushed to the downspout leaving little room for the water to go out all at once so the dripping sound occurs. This problem…

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  • What You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof and Gutters This Spring

    Although you might overlook your roof and gutters most of the year, spring is a perfect occasion to concentrate on these areas. After autumn and winter, both areas might be covered in tree debris. Gutters, in particular, can clog with just a few inches of twigs and leaves. Before you venture up to the rooftop, take a look at what you should consider before cleaning those areas this spring.   Wear the Proper Shoes Always choose a sturdy pair of shoes to access your roof and gutters. Pick shoes that have ample tread on the soles and sturdy ankle areas….

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  • 10 coolest roof designs

    1) Pool Roof If we are being honest, I think that we can all agree that we want a pool for a roof. However, this concrete home may boast a bit too much of a good thing. This astounding home is carved into a cliff that overlooks the Aegean Sea. The massive underground structure also features a roof-mounted pool that also doubles as a translucent ceiling. That is a view that you will not soon forget!   2) Landscape Roof This home is so well-integrated into its surroundings that the landscape is literally a part of the home. These…

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