2000 Series Windows

HKC 2000 series offers

Replacement casement & awning windows, double hung windows, single hung windows and sliding windows.

5000/5100 Casement and Awning

Our casement and awning windows are a breath of fresh air, literally! The sash opens 90°, enabling picture perfect ventilation and easy cleansing options. Our awning windows can be combined, mulled, and stacked with fixed casement picture windows. Configurations include singles, stationary and factory mulled twins and triples.

2000 Double Hung

Open up a world of opportunities with our 2000 Double Hung Windows. They’re easy to operate, easy to clean, and provide the energy efficiency and durability customers desire. Configurations include single, stationary and combination’s, plus a wide variety of architectural shapes that leave the customer with plenty of options to choose from.

1000 Series Single Hung

Give your customers the value, style and performance they deserve with our 1000 Series Single Hung Windows. Equipped with all the right features, the 1000 Series Single Hung Windows are designed to complement the look of any home. Configurations include single, stationary, and combination’s. They offer a wide variety of architectural shapes that present a multitude of options to choose from.

2000 Sliding Window

Our 2000 Sliding Windows are designed with a track and roller system, making them extremely easy to open and close. The 2000 Sliding Windows are available in two different picture configurations (1/4–1/2–1/4 or 1/3–1/3–1/3).