Protect Your Roof from Sun Heat

Summer heat and humidity have arrived in full force here in Kentucky

The sun and scorching heat do your roof no favors. While you’re able to cool off in air conditioning or take a quick dip in the pool your roof isn’t so lucky. Those scorching UV’s can cause extensive damage to the material composition of your roof. Because of this it’s important to have regular inspections to your roof to ensure it’s in the best condition, and why not? Most roofing companies offer a free estimate.

The summer heat causes roof deterioration, leading to leaks and other roof issues. IR radiation and UV light from the sun is naturally to blame. The two of these elements combined can cause severe damage to a roof that does not have proper protection from the sun.

IR Radiation

Infrared is the invisible portion of light that is next to the red visible light in the light prism. It makes up 57% of the total energy from the sun and is the portion of sunlight that provides heat. IR radiation can cause temperature damage to your roof. During hot summer days, the sun’s radiation can heat the surface of the roof to 160º and then drop down to 90º overnight. This type of temperature change can cause the roof to expand and contract significantly further causing the possibility of flashing and fasteners to loosen and pop off.

UV Light

UV light can cause various chemical reactions within the roof membrane. Think of it as the same effect as how UV rays can change your skin cell structure and cause it to potentially become skin cancer if you do not protect your skin properly. These many chemical reactions can cause chalking, splitting, shrinkage, and can make your roof membrane brittle over time.

Tips for Preventing Sun Damage

  • Install vapor barriers that decrease moisture.
  • Act as soon as possible when faced with a repair or leak.

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